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London Chemicals & Resources Limited

London Chemicals & Resources Limited (LCR) are international distributors and suppliers of chemicals and metals. The company, based in London offers a wide range of chemicals and metals for use as raw materials, and maintains stocks in Europe and the USA.

Chemicals offered are mostly inorganic for industrial-type applications such as catalysts, ceramics, glass, tanning, pigments and plating. LCR can also offer removal and reprocessing of non-ferrous high metal containing secondary materials.

Selport International plays a major sales role as exclusive sales agent by assisting in bringing LCR’s chemicals and metals to prospective buyers in Portugal, Spain and Egypt.


Lamplast is a privately owned company based near Milan. Lamplast was founded in 1977 and produces around 50,000 mt/year of polypropylene and halogen free compounds. From this, 50% is exported mainly to France, Germany and Spain.

In Italy, Lamplast is among the leading manufacturers of halogen free compounds, having produced these materials for over 20 years. The company has obtained the Certification according to Quality Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and expects to obtain CERTI-ECO soon.

Selport International plays a major sales role as Lamplast’s exclusive agent in Portugal and Egypt by assisting in bringing its specialised plastic materials to prospective buyers within the cable industry of these specific markets.

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